Strongly committed to providing high quality services with advanced technology and skilled workforce to build a safe and risk free economy in terms of valuation.


Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd. was formed with the aim to promote the Standard Valuation company in Bangladesh.

Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd. is the member of Bangladesh Survey & Valuation Companies, Firms and Individual Concerns Association (BSVCFICA).

Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd. continue to play an important role in the economic development of Bangladesh.

Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd. ensure a every banking / financial transaction secure.

Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd. to provide a quality that truly reflects our vision, further strengthening Bangladesh’s economy.

Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd. Our endeavor is to reach global reach in trade and commerce, with appropriate, reliable, timely delivery, cutting edge technology and suitable solutions for business needs

Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd. is fact that the Valuation sector is the growth centre for the development of an economy. Bangladesh, one of the densely populated nations in the world, has immense need for Business and it is not possible for the government alone to ensure shelter for its people. Therefore, the role of the private sector developers has become crucial. Therefore, the Fixed Assets have been trying to meet the national Asset Value demand for Investment, Tex , Financial Report & Mortgage of Asset.