We provide our highest level of services to various banks, insurance and finance companies. Sonali Inspection is well known in the market of Bangladesh and also in the international market. In our first phase in 2011, we were in a very small company. Currently, we are one of the top listed companies in the field of business in Bangladesh.

We stand in the current position because of our hard work, commitment, sincerity, honesty, professionalism. We have two offices in Dhaka and Faridpur in Bangladesh.

Considering the market of Bangladesh, we are financially prosperous and solvent. We are thankful to the Almighty for praying for our success. We thank all our employees for their dedication and commitment to their organization. We are grateful to our valued customers, bankers and foreign agents for their continued support. We hope that they will continue our cooperation in the future.

Md. Ashraful Moula Jewel
Managing Director
Sonali Inspection & Company Ltd.